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Gorse Hill

Gorse Hill, the most northerly ward in Trafford, sits on the major traffic throughway to Manchester City Centre. Gorse Hill is socio-economically mixed, and is a traditionally working-class area steeped in a rich history of migration, with cobbles and terraced houses fixed into popular ideology by Coronation Street.

The ward comprises Gorse Hill village, including a range of local independent businesses, youth centre, and Tesco superstore, as well as Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club.


Another key area in the ward is Lostock, nestled between high rise flats and the motorway, with local community organisations and a park.  

Brexit Futures Gorse Hill Photos
Brexit Futures Gorse Hill Photos

People from Gorse Hill often refer to the area as a ‘forgotten neighbourhood’, in part because of the general attrition caused by over a decade of austerity cuts, lost manufacturing industry and creeping inner city deprivation. The ward is the third most deprived in Trafford according to the most recent IMD. Nonetheless, the area has a vibrancy of local activity particularly the work of local non-profit groups, including Gorse Hill Studios.  Politically, the ward is a Labour stronghold, and is the base for a number of active groups with influential ties to the local council. 

Voices from Gorse Hill

Jeanette would like to thank Gorse Hill studios for their creative support.

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