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With Kieran: ‘The Future After Brexit’

March 2020:

This film takes place in various locations around Harpurhey, including the market, the social housing estate, local police station and shopping centre. The people in this film are asked to reflect on old photographs of Harpurhey, how they perceive Harpurhey has changed over the years, and what the sounds, smells and visions of the future might be. The threat of crime, experiences of poverty, lack of mobility, and perceptions of being neglected by their elected political leaders expressed in this film demonstrate subtle, personal ways of ‘being political’ in Harpurhey as they imagine a future after Brexit. This film shows how collective perceptions and imaginations of past and future expectations of formal political treatment and representation coalesce via the present moment of interview. See the film here 

See the film with captions here

With Jose: ‘Learning from “Left Behind” Places’

November 2019:

This film takes place in and around Harpurhey shopping centre. The people in this film challenge the narrative that people in places like Harpurhey (often presented in popular discourse as ‘life behind’ places) were less considered or informed about Brexit negotiations and the implications of Brexit. As they weigh up the potential consequences of Brexit on their everyday lives, hey shift the focus from the idea that they do not really understand politics, to the enduring sense of abandonment from government, past and present, and the ongoing challenges they face. See the film here.

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