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Brexit Futures Harpurhey
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Gorse Hill

Brexit Futures Dagenham
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Brexit Futures Gorse Hill
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Harpurhey is a suburban area in Greater Manchester that is located 3 miles north east of Manchester city centre. It is an ethnically diverse area, and comprises many shops and other businesses that cater to a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. There is a large social housing estate in the centre of Harpurhey, that includes a mix of private and council-owned properties.

Dagenham is one half of the East London borough of Barking and Dagenham. Originally a rural location in the county of Essex, Dagenham was transformed in the 1920s by the construction of the Becontree Estate, which led to the gradual urbanisation of the area and incorporation into Greater London in 1965.

Gorse Hill, the most northerly ward in Trafford, sits on the major traffic throughway to Manchester City Centre. Gorse Hill is socio-economically mixed, and is a traditionally working-class area steeped in a rich history of migration, with cobbles and terraced houses fixed into popular ideology by Coronation Street. The ward comprises Gorse Hill village, including a range of local independent businesses, youth centre, and Tesco superstore, as well as Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club.

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Brexit Futures Wallsend
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Wallsend is a town in North Tyneside located just a few miles east of Newcastle. Wallsend gets its name because it lies at the eastern end of Hadrian’s wall. It is also the site of the remains of the Roman fort, Segedunum. Although the name Wallsend officially refers to the town or local authority Ward, people locally refer to the area of Wallsend more loosely, often to include the overlapping wards of Battle Hill, Howdon, or parts of Riverside and Willington Quay. 

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